Spotlight on The Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Business

The Plaza luxury restroom trailer was designed for formal events, weddings, and corporate functions. Your guests will be greeted by impeccably design space that mimics the elegance of a high-end hotel restroom. The cleanliness of the exterior trailer is matched with a bright white finish that leaves no room for blemish or dirtiness. The sheik outdoor lighting makes it suitable for evening usage. There are also two floating staircases offering an easy entrance to either restroom. When you enter, you will notice the marble floors and granite countertops. Then you will be equipped with the individual stalls with flushable toilets. The trailer is designed in the vein of washrooms you would find in Newport mansions in Rhode Island. Throughout the entire trailer, you will notice guide lights for brightness and freshness with some additional lighting provided by trendy low-volt bulbs. The Plaza restroom trailer is a completely self-contained unit only that only requires outside electricity source to operate. You will receive the trailer in pristine condition. The restrooms will be ready for hundreds of guests throughout your special event. Also, the Plaza luxury restroom trailer provides a centralized music system and a comforting thermostat controlled heating and air conditioning system.

Charles Howard Broad Channel

Charles Howard of Broad Channel, NY designed the Plaza Restroom Trailer with weddings, formal events, and corporate functions in mind. This luxury trailer he designed cuts no corners and provides guests with every amenity desired. The beautiful exterior of the trailer was created with a clean and sleek look that can’t be matched.


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